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How to use MoneyGram?

How do you use MoneyGram? 


[1]. The MoneyGram official website.
[2]. What is MoneyGram
[3]. Where do I find the MoneyGram stores? 
[4]. How do I find out how much the transaction will cost? 
[5]. How do I use MoneyGram by visiting a store? 
[6]. How do I use MoneyGram sent money online? 
[7]. How do I complete this payment?

[1]. The MoneyGram official website. 

The MoneyGram official website can be located at

[2]. What is MoneyGram? 

"MoneyGram is a global leader in worldwide money transfer services, working closely with specially chosen agents in 162,000 locations across 197 countries and territories." 

(Quote taken directly from the MoneyGram website.)

MoneyGram is a service available for people who, whether online or in one of MoneyGram's many stores, wish to send money to others over long distances. The availability of the online services, however, are only available to residents of the United States/United Kingdom/Australia/Canada/France/Germany/India/Italy/Mexico/Philippines/Russia/Spain.
[3]. Where do I find the MoneyGram stores? 

The online store locator can be found here.
Simply select your country, city, and postcode, and the store locator will find the most convenient stores for you. Only the country selection is compulsory, though.
[4]. How do I find out how much the transaction will cost? 
2.Chick Estimate your transfer cost
Once you have selected the country you are sending from and the country that will receive the money, you will be prompted, you must specify how much money you are going to send or receive, and it will calculate the cost, with or without the fee.
[5]. How do I use MoneyGram by visiting a store or online? 
[6]. How do I use MoneyGram send money online? 
The availability of the online services, however, are only available to residents of the United States/United Kingdom/Australia/Canada/France/Germany/India/Italy/Mexico/Philippines/Russia/Spain.
1.choose sent to China,Pick up at Agent - US DOLLAR Payout,input the amount.and chick the Get Started;
2.Select the payment methods;
3.if you first time use the MoneyGram,please input your email address and confirm it;
4.Input your information.and Input our information(First Name and Last Name);and complete the payment
Note:Please choose NO a purchase of goods or services,we do not pay the tax to the MoneyGram Location Bank
you will receive the reference number from MoneyGram when you made the payment;
[7]. How do I complete this payment?
1.Place a order on our website and choose the MoneyGram payment;
2.We will email you about our MoneyGram information and discount amount;(wintin 12 hours)
3.Go to the MoneyGram Location or MoneyGram website transfer money;
4.Once you have reference number (the number you received from MoneyGram when you made the payment), send the reference number in an e-mail to  [email protected], we will sent your package and the tracking number to you within 24 hours.

MoneyGram Phone Numbers:

United States MoneyGram Consumer Phone Numbers

English: 1-800-666-3947


MoneyGram Switchboard: 1-800-328-5678


Global MoneyGram Consumer Phone Numbers

Andorra: 901-20-10-10

France: 0805-540-406

Germany: 00800-8971-8971

Ireland: 1800-558792

Italy: 800-785-353

Netherlands: 0800-023-3880

Spain: 800-098595

Sweden: 800-8971-8971

United Kingdom: 8000260535

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